Extractive Summarization using Continuous Vector Space Models

26 Apr 2014 ... tral to automatic summarization is the no- tion of similarity between sentences in text. In this paper we propose the use of continuous vector ...

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Extractive Summarization using Continuous Vector Space Models


26 Apr 2014 ... tral to automatic summarization is the no- tion of similarity between sentences in text. In this paper we propose the use of continuous vector ...

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(PWM) is required to modulate the voltage vector that controls directly the line current, to ... Palabras claves: Control de corriente, filtro activo, factor de potencia ...

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In mathematics, the notion smooth vector field is a basic notion of differential equations. (analysis) and is not a topological notion. However, in this lecture we will ...

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numbers to social-networking web sites such as MySpace and. Facebook to gather evidence. Yet the legal profession's response to electronic evidence in both ...

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Space Food Background: Surprisingly enough, astronaut food is not that different from the food we eat on Earth. Astronauts can choose from a variety of foods ...

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My Space, Your Space. A Lesson Plan from Rights, Respect, Responsibility: A K-12 Curriculum. Fostering respect and responsibility through age-appropriate ...

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elected: Daniel Salamanca Urey received the presidential nomination and José ... the decline of tin extraction, President Salamanca decided to orientate Bolivia ...

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27 Aug 2015 ... A cut from the Quebracho Colorado tree displays the deep red-brown heartwood [1]. This valuable material, quebracho, is extracted from the ...

Improving Latent Alignment in Text Summarization by Generalizing ...


3 Nov 2019 ... com/chin-gyou/generalized-PG. Figure 1: Alignment visualization of our model when decoding “closes”. Posterior alignment is more ac-.

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YOLO in each frame. ... Of YOLO. YOU ONLY LOOK ONCE ... On testing with three class we got the accuracy of 70%. Future Work. • Classify the strokes in.

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A Choose the correct answer. 1. I love this writer's books. I (have been reading / had been reading) them for years. 2. His clothes were dirty because he (has ...

Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect Continuous


18 окт 2016 ... Translate into English using the Active Vocabulary and Past Simple or Present Perfect. accept. 1. Учит ывая всё эт о, историки предполагают, ...

2 Coordenadas de un vector


Obtención de vectores paralelos y perpendiculares a uno dado. Dado el vector v (9, 12), calcular las coordenadas de los siguientes vectores: a) u , unitario y de ...

Understanding models with Vensim™


Abstract: Vensim TM, the Ventana ® Simulation Environment, is an interactive software environment that allows the development, exploration, analysis and ...

Generalized Additive Models


A slight refinement of the running average, the running lines smoother alleviates these problems. The running lines estimate is defined by. (6). S(Xi) = fa fiuXi,.

Elmer Models Manual


The Elmer Models Manual is part of the documentation of Elmer finite element ... The Elmer heat equation module is capable of simulation heat transfer by ...

Interprete la información de un vector.


Magnitudes Escalares y Vectoriales. • Vectores. • Vectores colineales. • Vectores coplanares. • Operaciones con vectores: analíticamente y gráficamente.

С. 17 - Eco-Vector Journals Portal


Key words: self-propagating high-temperature synthesis, titanium aluminide, Core – Shell technology, thermal explosion, aluminum nickelide, thermite mixture.

Vector Calculus Formulas


Vector Calculus Formulas. Fundamental theorems (main result) Here, F(x, y, z) = P(x, y, z)i Q(x, y, z)j R(x, y, z)k. FT of Line Integrals: If F = ∇f, and the curve C ...

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Future continuous. Lesson code: VX4Z-J1D7-BTE. INTERMEDIATE. 1 Presentation. The future continuous has two forms: will be -ing and be going to be -ing ...

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www.english-area.com. Los mejores recursos gratuitos para aprender y enseñar inglés. Presente Continuo. 1. Complete the sentences in present continuous ...

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The Future Continuous Exercise will be dancing. A Fill the gaps with the verb in brackets using the future continuous tense. 1 A: I wonder if the kids are enjoying ...

One-to-One Computing Models - Publications - IaDB


dispositivo digital, por lo general una computadora portátil (laptop) para facilitar su ... Pueden también proveer educación a estudiantes y docentes en áreas ... BID ha proyectado que para el 2015, casi 30 millones de estudiantes en la región ...

Papercraft from 3D Polygonal Models - CS Technion


Papercraft from 3D Polygonal Models. Massarwi Fady. Technion - Computer Science Department - M.Sc. Thesis MSC-2008-01 - 2008 ...

Processing Tabular Models - SQLSaturday


Tabular Data Structures 101. • Dictionary. • 1 per column. • Value vs Hash. • Partition. • At least 1 per table (standard vs enterprise). • made up of 1 or more ...

part one collector's guide - ixo models


TOYOTA CELICA TURBO 4WD (ST185) #7 ... HYUNDAI I20 WRC 2016 ... 2016 Blue. MOC208. RWB 930. Lime Green. MOC298. ASTON MARTIN VULCAN.

Dirección, sentido y módulo de un vector


Así dos vectores tienen la misma dirección si están en la misma recta o en rectas paralelas. Ejemplo 2: Los vectores AB. JJJG. , CD. JJJG y EF.

Vector Spaces of Magic Squares


Vector Spaces of Magic Squares. JAMES E. WAw III. Bowdoin College. Brunswick, ME 04011. Exercise. An n X n magic square is an n X n matrix of real ...

Editing Vector Geodata - MicroImages


Automatic transfer of the coordinate reference sys- tem is one of the important benefits of using a refer- ence layer when you create new spatial objects: your new ...

VCL C vector class library - Agner Fog


All you have to do to get access to these vector operations is to include "vectorclass.h" in your. C code and specify the desired instruction set (e.g. SSE2 or ...

Beacon Vector Routing - Usenix


[3] COUTO, D. D., AGUAYO, D., CHAMBERS, B., AND MORRIS,. R. Performance of multihop wireless networks: Shortest path is not enough. In Proceedings of ...

pTurboRFP-PRL-dest1 vector - Evrogen


pUC ori. For vector sequence, please visit our Web site at http://www.evrogen.com/products/vectors.shtml. Product. Cat.#. Size. pTurboRFP-PRL-dest1 vector.

Vectores em C Classe vector: Introdução


FEUP - MIEEC – Programação 2 - 2008/2009. Vectores em C . 2. Classe vector: Introdução. • A classe vector é uma alternativa à representação de array.

an instrument for the accurate and continuous measurement of ...


El instrumento es un catarometro adaptado en el que el voltaje asimetrico se usa para medir la concentracion de un compuesto en la mezcla de tres componentes ...

Past Perfect Continuous - Autoenglish


He had been eating garlic. A Fill the gaps with the verb in brackets using the past perfect continuous or the past perfect simple. 1 When the student revolution ...

PRESENT CONTINUOUS extra worksheets 1º ESO


PRESENT CONTINUOUS (presente continuo). (estar). (-ando / -endo). BE. VERB -ing. (am / is / are). (reading). Write the -ing form of the verbs below and ...